Agribusiness I

This curriculum is provided for archival and reference purposes only.

Lesson 1-1: Understanding the Agriculture Industry
I,1-1 Lesson Plan | I,1-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-2: Learning the Careers in Agriculture
I,1-2 Lesson Plan | I,1-2 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-3: Selecting an Agriculture Pathway
I,1-3 Lesson Plan | I,1-3 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-4: Researching an Agriculture Career
I,1-4 Lesson Plan | I,1-4 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-5: Reporting on an Agriculture Career
I,1-5 Lesson Plan | I,1-5 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-6: Developing a Longtime Plan
I1-6 Lesson Plan | I1-6 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-1: Introduction to agricultural businesses careers
I,2-1 Lesson Plan | I,2-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-2: The need for record keeping
I,2-2 Lesson Plan | I,2-2 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-3: Evaluate financial, physical, and human resources
I,2-3 Lesson Plan | I,2-3 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-4: Types and purposes of contracts
I,2-4 Lesson Plan | I,2-4 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-5: Understanding the importance and types of inventories
I,2-5 Lesson Plan | I,2-5 Powerpoint | Excel “M&M Spreadsheet Inventory” | Excel “Sample Inventory

Lesson 2-6: Compiling a balance sheet
I,2-6 Lesson Plan | I,2-6 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-7: Understanding the importance and use of budgeting
I,2-7 Lesson Plan | I,2-7 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-8: Understanding the importance and types of income and expense statements
I,2-8 Lesson Plan | I,2-8 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-9: Managing the business through data collection
I,2-9 Lesson Plan | I,2-9 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-10: Creating a professional development plan
I,2-10 Lesson Plan | I,2-10 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-11: Understanding timecards, taxes, and paychecks
I,2-11 Lesson Plan | I,2-11 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-12: Understanding money management
I,2-12 Lesson Plan | I,2-12 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-13: SAE Unit Scenario

Lesson 3-1: Word processing applications in agriculture
I,3-1 Lesson Plan | I,3-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-2: The function and application of spreadsheets in agriculture
I,3-2 Lesson Plan | I,3-2 Powerpoint |
I,3-2 Powerpoint supplement

Lesson 3-3: Developing professional presentations
I,3-3 Lesson Plan | I,3-3 Powerpoint
I,3-3 Powerpoint supplement

Lesson 3-4:  Communicating effectively in the business world
I,3-4 Lesson Plan | I,3-4 Powerpoint

Agribusiness II

Lesson 1-1: Evaluating and revising personal goals
II,1-1 Lesson Plan | II,1-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-2: Importance of year end reporting
II,1-2 Lesson Plan | II,1-2 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-3: Valuing (Appraising) assets and using depreciation for closing inventories
II,1-3 Lesson Plan | II,1-3 Powerpoint | II,1-3 Excel “Depreciation Calculator

Lesson 1-4: Completing and analyzing the balance sheet
II,1-4 Lesson Plan | II,1-4 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-5: Completing a profit/loss statement (income statement)
II,1-5 Lesson Plan | II,1-5 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-6: Analyzing year end financial reports to evaluate the business
II,1-6 Lesson Plan | II,1-6 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-7: Evaluating and revising business goals
II,1-7 Lesson Plan | II,1-7 Powerpoint | II,1-7 PDF supplement

Lesson 1-8: Preparing a business performance summary
II,1-8 Lesson Plan | II,1-8 Powerpoint

Lesson 1-9: Closing and opening the record book

Lesson 1-10: Identifying computerized accounting systems: The new ways we play with money
II,1-10 Lesson Plan | II,1-10 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-1: Introduction to Ag Entrepreneurship
II,2-1 Lesson Plan | II,2-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-2: Recognizing Opportunity for entrepreneurship
II,2-2 Lesson Plan | II,2-2 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-3: Understanding product feasibility and business planning
II,2-3 Lesson Plan | II,2-3 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-4: Managing your own business
II,2-4 Lesson Plan | II,2-4 Powerpoint

Lesson 2-5: Marketing your ideas and products
II,2-5 Lesson Plan | II,2-5 Powerpoint | PDF “Niche Market Examples” | PDF “Why People Buy Things

Lesson 2-6: Knowing your resources
Lesson Plan | Powerpoint

Lesson 2-7: Legal Aspects of Operating a Business
II,2-7 Lesson Plan | II,2-7 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-1: Filling out a job application
II,3-1 Lesson Plan | II,3-1 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-2: Developing an attractive professional resume
II,3-2 Lesson Plan | II,3-2 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-3: Developing interviewing
II,3-3 Lesson Plan | II,3-3 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-4: Understanding the importance of business ethics
II,3-4 Lesson PlanII,3-4 Powerpoint

Lesson 3-5: Learning basic work habits, attire, and work ethic
II,3-5 Lesson Plan | II,3-5 Powerpoint