The curriculum listed below is for reference purposes only. It is not up to current accessibility standards.

Enns 2008 Sustainability Charts (docx)
Enns Sustainability in Brief (pptx)
Plumb’s Ag I Tricycle Lesson Plan (doc)
Georgia Agricultural Education, lesson plans, website
UGA School Garden Resource Center, website
Glen Rose FFA Ag Lesson Plans, website
University of Kentucky, Agriculture Research Guides, website
Living History Farm in York, Nebraska, website
Best Food Facts, website
Soils Materials, USDA  Natural Resources Conservation Service website
Deficiency Memory Game (ppt)
Soil Deficiency Lesson Plan (doc)
Intro to Soils
Introduction_to_Soil_Science (doc)
Soil Nutrients (ppt)
Soils (ppt)

Curriculum Building Links – Great Resources!

CDE Practice Tools, Career Development Event written tests

Forest Biology, Virginia Tech, tree identification

How Grass Grows, Virginia Tech, great site for showing how grass grows and reproduces